'90 Day Fiancé' Reveal: Brandan Admits to Calling Mary a Bitch and a Con Artist


Brandan's castmates criticized him for not being as innocent as he seems when it comes to his fights with Mary in the third part of this season of 90 Day Fiancé: BackwardsIt is especially revealing. Brandan admitted to calling Mary a “bitch” and a “con” when they argued, and Mary said that she was sometimes afraid to talk to Brandan because of her temper.

Brandan and Mary caused a stir this season due to their extreme jealousy for each other — at one point, Mary got angry Brandan sitting next to a random woman on a plane. although he had no control over where he sat. Still, the two were able to work it out and Brandan still lives in the Philippines and they are now parents of his daughter, midnight. During the talk, Mary and Brandan joined remotely from the Philippines and Mary said he improved in the amount of time he spends playing video games. However, she admitted that sometimes she is afraid to approach him while he plays because of his anger issues, which Timo was surprised. Mary said that when Brandan is angry, she yells at him and says words that will hurt her.

“Sometimes I call her a scammer,” Brandan admitted. “She's only happy when she has money or something and that hurts her and really makes her angry. She calls her a bitch. Most of the time, if she makes me angry, she just calls her a bitch.”

Mary said she would just cry in response and Brandan said he doesn't mean the things he says when he's angry, he just wants an answer and for her to stand up for herself. Kalani He called him a “narcissist” and Brandan acknowledged that he was wrong and that he did feel bad. Brandan's mother, Angela, later appeared at the event and Brandan and Mary recognized that they needed his financial help. But Angela said she was more concerned that the two had different communication styles, and she emphasized that they both needed individual therapy. Mary said that therapy was looked down upon in her culture because she would be judged “crazy,” but she would look into it.

Tim bluntly stated that they weren't ready to be parents and mused that although it was Mary's idea to try to have a baby, Brandan probably wanted to have a baby so Mary wouldn't abandon him. The images were then played his extreme jealousywhich Mary was not proud of.

“Seeing that makes me feel like I was really crazy a long time ago and I feel really bad about myself because I'm too crazy,” she said.

Angela was visibly angry and admitted that she initially didn't like Mary because of this type of behavior and that her daughter still refuses to talk to Mary. Later, some of Mary's social media posts were shown, showing her twerking in shorts. The cast criticized Mary for her double standards and noted that if Brandan did the same, she wouldn't tolerate it.

“It's a dance, a lot of people do it,” Mary said, obviously unapologetic.

Brandan said Mary became much more confident about her body and posted online after they were together. She said she didn't have a problem with it if it made her feel better. But sarper He called Mary a “manipulative” who liked to play the victim. This triggered a whole new argument, as andréi intervened and said that Sarper was just like Mary, calling it a “gift of control.”

“You have the same relationship with Shekinah as Brandan and Mary, it's like the same toxicity,” Andrei observed. …Toxic relationship. …They are the same, they just don't want to admit it. The difference with Sarper and her is that here you try to be perfect and it's not. “You're trying to portray something you're not.”

When the cameras stopped recording, Andrei approached Shekinah while she was sitting and they had another heated argument. Andrei took offense when Shekinah told him to sit down and things only got worse from there. Andrei told Sarper that Shekinah had no respect and Sarper said he wanted to see Andrei in person for “yelling” at Shekinah.

“Great,” Andrei responded, not backing down.


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