'90 Day: The Single Life': Chantel kisses Giannis in Greece


90 day fiancé star Chantel it's definitely happening her failed marriage to Pedro. On Monday's episode of 90 days: the single lifeChantel spent more time with handsome soccer player Giannis in Greece, and the two progressed in their relationship while showing off some steamy PDA in front of their friends.

In this season of 90 days: the single life, Chantel has been trying to get her groove back post-divorce while vacationing in Greece with her friends. Although Chantel had a nervous breakdown when she kissed a man for the first time After her complicated divorce from Pedro, she ended up meeting another man, Giannis, who interested her. Chantel traveled four hours to see him again and, on Monday's episode, she described his first date to his friends. She said he was romantic and that she was actually the one who made the move to take his hand, noticing that he seemed nervous.

“I'm not ready for a one-night stand in Greece, but I was secretly hoping for a kiss, but I was too scared to make the first move,” she told the cameras.

“It's difficult because, on the one hand, I don't want to go too fast and, on the other hand, I want to speed things up to get to know it better,” he added.

Later, Chantel and her friends met up with Giannis and his friends on the beach. Giannis told cameras that he thought Chantel was “very pretty and cool,” but that he was looking for a woman who had the same values ​​as him when it came to family and religion before taking the next steps in a relationship. relationship. Giannis and Chantel eventually broke away from their friends to spend time together in private. Giannis told Chantel that he wanted to have children with the right woman and that she was very close to who he had in mind. Giannis asked her about her divorce and she hilariously said that her ideal man would be an orphan because she couldn't deal with the family drama anymore. Giannis said he didn't agree with that and that he was very close to his family, although they weren't the nosy type. She then asked him if she would ever consider staying in Chania with him and she shyly said that she would if she had a reason to. Giannis said she could “give him a good one” and went over to give her a kiss. There was clearly chemistry between the two.

“Giannis finally kissed me and I'm on cloud nine,” she told the cameras. “I love kissing Giannis.”

The two then took a dip in the ocean with their friends and had no problem kissing in front of them while Giannis lifted her into the water. But Chantel still had some reservations.

“I have butterflies and I'm having fun, but I can't help but think I might be setting myself up to have my heart broken again,” she said.


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