Ali Wong files for divorce from her husband more than a year after their separation


More than a year after announcing that they would go their separate ways, Ali Wong She pulled the trigger on her marriage and filed for divorce from Justin Hakuta.

According to court documents obtained by People, the comedian cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the dissolution of the marriage. The media also reported that the 41-year-old man indicated April 10, 2022 as the date of separation from the 41-year-old businessman.

He Beef The star wants joint legal and physical custody of their two children: Mari, 8, and Nikki, 6. The couple is reportedly in mediation to determine how to divide their assets.

It was in April 2022 when a representative for Wong confirmed to ET that she and Hakuta were separating after eight years of marriage.

“The split between Ali and her husband is amicable,” a source told ET at the time. “The two will continue to lovingly parent her two children.”

Wong and Hakuta, who were seen in san francisco Almost a year after separating, they met at a friend's wedding reception in 2010, when Hakuta was a student at Harvard Business School. They married four years later.

When Wong covered Health in 2019, she opened about how his fame affected his relationship with the businessman.

“It's definitely strange. I'm very open about the fact that we go to therapy,” she said. “We talk a lot about the transitions we're going through as a couple. He's very happy for me, but this lifestyle is not what he expected.”

Fast forward to March, when Wong shared with The Hollywood Reporter His mother's reaction to the divorce.

“I didn't expect the announcement to be so widespread, but by far the hardest part of getting divorced was my mother's reaction.” she said. “She had told him before that she thought we might get a divorce, and she was very upset. She looked me in the eyes and asked, 'Can you wait until she dies?' He was literally asking me not to live a life for myself. But he's 82, what do I expect? He hasn't had his period in 40 years. He's in the relics of old age. But it was still really It's so hard to deal with everything. his fear of the shame that would bring him.

After the split, Wong was linked to comedian Bill Hader. After a brief separation, rekindled their romance earlier this year and were seen holding hands and smiling while taking a walk in Los Angeles.

Hader shares daughters Hayley, 8, Harper, 10, and Hannah, 14, with his ex-wife, Maggie Carey. They divorced in 2018 and Barry The star was previously linked to Raquel Bilson and Anna Kendrick.


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