Amanda Bynes Podcast on 'Pause' After Episode, Doesn't Want to Talk About Mental Health


Last month, Amanda Bynes revealed her exciting new project.

She no longer works as an actress. But given her lifelong experience as a public figure, she is a great person to give interviews within the entertainment industry.

From the beginning, Amanda had no plans to talk about her mental health journey on this show. That's not what this project is about.

But that podcast is also on “pause” for the moment. Amanda made this difficult decision after just one episode.

Amanda Bynes appears with blonde hair in this image from a video explaining her facial surgery.
In early December 2023, Amanda Bynes took to her Instagram Story to share an update on her appearance. (Image credit: Instagram)

On Sunday, December 17, Amanda Bynes delivered disappointing news just in time for the start of Saturnalia.

She shared that her podcast, Amanda Bynes & Pauls SIeminski: The Podcast, was doing well. And she appreciates the answers.

However, he announced: “I'm going to take a break for now.” But why?

Amanda Bynes stands in an elevator and takes a photograph of dancing lights and her own reflection.Amanda Bynes stands in an elevator and takes a photograph of dancing lights and her own reflection.
Amanda Bynes took this vibrant mirror selfie in 2023 and shared it on Instagram. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Amanda shared on her Instagram Story that a major obstacle was that they weren't getting the guests they were hoping to get.

He specifically listed people like Drake, Jack Harlow, and Post Malone.

Famously, during her prolonged mental health crisis more than a decade ago, Amanda tweeted her wish that Drake would “murder” her vagina. While it became something of a meme, you could say it was a cry for help.

Amanda Bynes points a fingernail to her cheek.Amanda Bynes points a fingernail to her cheek.
During an Instagram Story video, Amanda Bynes explains why she underwent blepharoplasty. (Image credit: Instagram)

“If we can get those types of guests,” Amanda shared with fans, they will resume.

Unfortunately, for now, that is not the plan.

It appears that this podcast did not have a guest list before its launch. That's probably something you'll want to find out before the first episode. Now Amanda knows.

Amanda Bynes appears in a selfie, with half her hair gray and sporting a soft smile.Amanda Bynes appears in a selfie, with half her hair gray and sporting a soft smile.
Amanda Bynes shared this selfie at the end of her conservatorship. Instagram followers expressed her joy. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Truth be told, many listeners would rather hear about Amanda than any of those men.

After all, Amanda grew up a child star. She was instrumental in launching Nickelodeon's live-action universe. It's probably safe to say that without Amanda's showit is possible that we would never have achieved Drake and Josh either icarly either Victorious.

And then, of course, came Amanda's infamous mental health issues. More than a decade ago, this very public topic was a hot topic. In the end, her parents placed her in guardianship, which they recently dissolved so that Amanda could live her own life.

Amanda Bynes stands against a wall while wearing yellow plaid.Amanda Bynes stands against a wall while wearing yellow plaid.
In recent years, Amanda Bynes has used Instagram to update her fans and followers about her life. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Obviously, a lot of people are much more interested in hearing about all that. Especially from Amanda's perspective.

But he's not interested in delving into that in a podcast right now. Because? That's your business. But the simplest explanation is that it would bring up some really unpleasant topics.

We wish Amanda the best. She is a treasure and she deserves peace and success. However, she may want to set more realistic goals for the guests. Just say.

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