Biden Administration Visa Facilitation Bill, Offers Citizenship to Illegal Entrants After 5 Years

Biden administration introduces visa facilitation

When the US president is elected in 2024, the current Biden administration is moving towards a relaxation of visa policy. There is talk of relaxing the rules, particularly to attract Indian voters.

Following that concession, Biden’s Democratic Party has introduced a citizenship bill in the US House of Representatives that would increase green card quotas in various countries and change the H-1B visa system. If this law is passed and put into effect, becoming a US citizen will be much easier.

Linda Sanchez, representative of the Democratic Party, introduced the bill entitled “US Citizenship Act, 2023” on Thursday. According to Rep. Linda Sanchez, the bill provides a roadmap for granting citizenship to all 1.1 million people who entered the country illegally.

The bill would pave the way for up to five years of citizenship for illegal immigrants, rather than deportation. Also, this bill proposes to change the employment-based immigration system by eliminating quotas for each country.

Streamlining Visa Processes

1. Simplifying Application Procedures

The legislation proposes simplifying the visa application procedures, making them more straightforward and less burdensome. This change would help applicants navigate the process more easily, reducing confusion and increasing efficiency.

2.Reducing Processing Times

By introducing streamlined processes and leveraging technology, the visa facilitation legislation aims to reduce processing times significantly. This improvement would benefit individuals and businesses by minimizing waiting periods and enabling prompt decision-making.

What benefits will Indians receive of biden administration?

If this bill were to take the form of a law, Indians would reap enormous benefits. Because many Indians live in America.

According to the State Department, there are about 45 Lakh Indians living in America. In addition, thousands of Indians travel to America on H-1B visas every year.

According to the regulation, people who work for low wages in America can also receive a green card. In addition, family members of H-1B visa holders may be denied work in the country and their children may be exempt from this rule.

What are the benefits of this bill?

Under the provision of this bill, it will become easier for a citizen of another country who has lived in America for years or decades to obtain citizenship.

According to the law, anyone who has lived in the United States and paid taxes for at least five years can apply for a green card.

Also, an instant green card if a person works in agriculture and has been a resident for at least 5 years.

This would include his wife and children.
The bill also includes reforms to the immigration system to allow families to live under one roof. Long-pending visa applications from family members of green card holders can be processed quickly.

There is also the possibility of increasing the quota of each country.
The bill will also eliminate discrimination against LGBTQ+ people. For same-sex couples, the other partner can live with them if either partner is a US citizen.

In addition, if one of the parents is American, at least one of the children automatically receives citizenship. This regulation also applies to same-sex couples.


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