Britney Spears publishes shocking photo of her gym that burned


In an Instagram post on Tuesday, Britney Spears shared a shocking photo of his burned-out gym, reopening the chapter on a dramatic incident that occurred in 2020.

The 42-year-old singer took to social media to reflect on the unfortunate event, captioning her post: “Reflecting and remembering when I burned down the gym in 2020.”

The attached image revealed the aftermath of the fire, showing a room in great disarray. The floor looked completely gray, covered in dust, and the mirrors in the gym were blurred by ash. The equipment lay in ruins, burned to ashes, painting a picture of the devastation caused by the fire.

Spears first revealed the gym incident in April 2020, stating on Instagram: “Yeah…I burned it down. I walked through the gym door and there were flames, BOOM!!!!!!! By the Grace of “God, the alarm went off after that and, hooray, no one was hurt.” Despite the damage, Spears expressed gratitude that the situation was not worse, saying, “Unfortunately, I only have two pieces of equipment left now lol and a gym with a one-sided mirror!!!!! But it could be much worse , so I'm grateful. Pssss, I like to exercise better outdoors anyway!!!!”

In a video, Britney explained the incident, saying, “I'm at my gym right now. I haven't been here for six months because I burned down my gym. Unfortunately, I had two candles and, yeah.” “One thing led to another and I burned it out. So here I am and we only have two teams left.”

Britney's recent post reflecting on her gym fire is coming soon after a source told ET that the singerwho has been estranged from much of her immediate family for a long time, “wants to try to put aside any negative feelings” with her loved ones.

“She is actively working to reconnect with some members of her immediate family and doing everything she can to take the steps she thinks she needs,” the source said. “She's been a long time coming and she's trying to leave the past in the past and focus on a new, bright, loving and happy future.”

The update comes after Britney's sister, Jamie Lynn Spearsrevealed that she recently spoken singer. As for Britney's father, Jamie Spearsthe pop star has publicly fought with his father about his now-ended guardianship.

In August, things seemed to be looking up between Britney and her mother. lynne lancesWHO visited his daughter's house in Los Angeles. However, months later, Britney made accusations against Lynne in her memoirs, The woman in me.

“It's also helpful that Britney feels like her voice was finally heard, since that's all she wanted for a long time,” the source said of the reason for Britney's willingness to reconcile. “There is still a lot to heal. It is a process that is carried out day by day.”

Britney's apparent change of heart was a welcome development for her family, according to the source.

“His family was hoping that some kind of new engagement would happen at some point,” the source added. “Everyone is taking slow, small steps and considers any step toward reconnection a blessing.”

This year also marked The end of Britney's marriage. to Sam Asgari.

“Now that Britney is single, it's a new chapter for her,” the source noted. “She's really trying to live in the moment and appreciate what she has now.”

Earlier this month, britney mused about her new single status, calling it “weird” on Instagram.

“I've had a lot of time to look back, with all the good and the bad,” he wrote. “I've realized that I don't talk to myself very well… I'm easily manipulated and I wear my heart on my sleeve… But I'm definitely changing all that.”


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