Chris Hemsworth Extraction 3 in 2025


Chris Hemsworth made an exciting announcement during Netflix’s TUDUM virtual event on Saturday. He revealed that there will be a third installment of his popular film franchise, Extraction. This news came just a day after Extraction 2 premiered on Netflix, showing the streaming platform’s confidence in the series regardless of viewership.

Given the immense success of the films, it was no surprise to see Hemsworth and director Sam Hargrave taking the stage early on during the TUDUM event. Although they couldn’t divulge many details about the upcoming third movie, they assured fans that it is indeed happening.

During their discussion, Hemsworth and Hargrave shared their excitement about Extraction 2’s recent release. They encouraged fans to watch it and offered some insights into the origins of the franchise. One notable aspect of the films is their impressive stunt work, with Hargrave being a seasoned stuntman himself.

Extraction 3 features a remarkable 21-minute-long action sequence filmed in one continuous take

Hemsworth also expressed his astonishment at how the franchise has progressed after a few uncertain years. He mentioned that the first movie was filmed six years ago and that the fans’ response exceeded his wildest expectations. Hemsworth and Hargrave expressed their gratitude to the enthusiastic fans, acknowledging that their support was the driving force behind the decision to make another installment.

Chris Hemsworth Extraction 3 release will release soon in 2025 in June Month while the date is not confirmed by the director. In the Extraction movies, Hemsworth portrays Tyler Rake

Extraction garnered positive reviews, particularly praising its well-executed action sequences. Some critics felt that the action became repetitive when it didn’t advance the plot. Chris Hemsworth Extraction 3, Since the film was exclusively released on streaming, it’s difficult to gauge its financial success accurately. Initial reviews for Extraction 2 have been similar, with slightly higher average ratings. Now that we know a sequel is in the works, complaints about the film feeling “anticlimactic” may be perceived differently.

Both Extraction and Extraction 2 are currently available for streaming on Netflix. As for the third installment, there is no official information yet on its production timeline or progress. However, fans can enjoy the graphic novel Ciudad in both print and digital formats while they wait for further updates.

With more money and firepower at its disposal, Extraction 2 not only amplifies the intensity of its ultra-violent encounters but also delves deeper into heartfelt connections that raise the stakes. In a manner reminiscent of a 1990s movie trailer voiceover, Tyler Rake returns, and this time, it’s personal.

Our protagonist, the man with an appetite for death from the first installment, has miraculously survived unimaginable odds. He discovers a newfound purpose in a mission that holds significance for the one person he cares about deeply: his ex-wife Mia (portrayed by Olga Kurylenko), whom he had to leave behind to care for their son during his battle with Lymphoma’s final days.

Driven by a sense of honor and the desire for redemption, we embark on a journey with Rake and his team as they confront the ruthless head of a criminal empire. Their objective? To rescue Mia’s sister and her children from the clutches of this malevolent figure, setting the stage for an epic showdown.

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