Cleo and Christian surprise 90 day fans: we're back together!


In October, 90 day fiancé Viewers learned that Cleo and Christian broke up after The 90 Days Tell All.

Despite the almost proposal at the time, they faced a number of struggles, from long distance to core compatibility issues.

Their breakup wasn't really a surprise.

However, they now have an update. AND this It may be a little less expected.

Cleo in an off-the-shoulder dress at dinner with Christian Allgood.
Cleo shared this photo of herself having dinner with Christian Allgood. She had surprising news for fans. (Photo credit: Instagram)

On Monday, December 18, Cleo took to Instagram to share new photos of her and Christian, and an explanatory caption.

“When you order Harry and Meg on AliExpress,” he began with a joke.

“A diary entry,” Cleo continued. “Since there is still some confusion, we are still together.”

A mirror selfie of Cleo and Christian Allgood.A mirror selfie of Cleo and Christian Allgood.
Cleo took this mirror selfie with Christian Allgood in December 2023. (Photo credit: Instagram)

“In all honesty…it shouldn't be that surprising,” Cleo suggested.

He explained, citing that “we weren't – 'not together' – for a long time: just less than a month.”

“That month was hell,” said Cleo. “Our relationship was not perfect, there was anguish, passion, betrayals, pain, ups and downs…”

(Image credit: TLC)

Cleo recalled how “people made us aware of our WORST traits.” That's what it means to be on a reality show.

“But we also became aware of our BEST,” he said.

“Lemons were served, squeezed, and (drank) sour juice for 30 days,” Cleo characterized. “He stung and invaded us, purified our hearts and renewed our souls tirelessly.”

(Image credit: TLC)

“We never stopped asking each other how we were doing and how our day was,” Cleo shared.

“We never stop worrying…. about the little things,” she added.

“He knows that if he cares about us he can't make a mistake again,” Cleo said. “That he has to be admitted or he will find out.”

(Image credit: TLC)

“And,” Cleo continued, “I know I have to be strong and confident and keep my head up.”

She recognized that she must “stop carrying all the weight and being self-destructive, she gets tired.”

Cleo acknowledged her compatibility issues, writing, “We are opposites, but one thing we have in common is that we love people.”

(Image credit: TLC)

“I have faith, I live every day of my life being sincere and embodying my heart,” Cleo described.

“I am no stranger to the negative aspects of our past,” she assured her followers. “But we love with all our hearts and I have always believed that there is room to grow, but people can only grow with trust and love.”

Cleo expressed: “I choose hope over fear.”

(Image credit: TLC)

“To those strangers who constantly try to intervene in our relationship (and DMs), go for it this summer,” Cleo said.

“You are not us, I see your pain, your loneliness and your need for validation,” he stated darkly.

“But please,” Cleo asked, “have a little respect for yourself, you'll feel better, and respect the fragile love between a trans woman and a cis man.”

A dark mode screenshot of a long caption from Cleo's Instagram, explaining that she and Christian Allgood are back together.A dark mode screenshot of a long caption from Cleo's Instagram, explaining that she and Christian Allgood are back together.
On Monday, December 18, 2023, Cleo took to Instagram to inform 90 Day Fiancé fans that she is back with Christian Allgood. (Image credit: Instagram)

“That kind of love can seem fragile in the society we live in,” Cleo admitted.

“But it is strong, it is simply no different from any other type of love,” he acknowledged.

He concluded his caption: “Love is love. ~Cleo.”

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