Derek Hough's wife and updates on his 'emergency' brain surgery


It is the worst news a person can receive about someone they love. Derek Hough revealed earlier this month that his beloved wife was hospitalized. Hayley Erbert was experiencing some scary symptoms during her Symphony of Dance tour and required emergency brain surgery!

Giving fans an update on the Wednesday before Christmas, Derek took to his Instagram to share that his loved one would be going under the knife again. “She will have surgery this morning to replace a large portion of her skull that was removed during her craniotomy,” he shared.

While this all sounds incredibly scary, Derek assured his fans that his love and support for them was working wonders. “I firmly believe that all the prayers that have been sent with the intention and love for Hayley's recovery have helped a lot,” he posted. “I can't thank you all enough. Please keep her in your prayers because I think her collective energy has helped her these past few weeks.”

In a video he posted earlier this week, Derek is seen walking arm in arm with his love Hayley along the National Mall in Washington, DC. While you cannot see Hayley's face, you can see that she is wearing a protective helmet. Hopefully, this surgery will mean that she will no longer have to wear the helmet. Still, Derek explained that they are being realistic.

“His recovery process has been nothing short of a miracle,” he explained. “He still has a ways to go with another surgery, hopefully in a few weeks, to insert a skull implant to replace the piece that was removed during the craniectomy. It will restore the skull to its natural shape and protect the brain from injury:

Derek Hough Wife
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Derek Hough's wife Hayley was rushed to hospital after the show for emergency surgery

On Thursday, December 7, dancing with the stars The judge, 38, announced on his Instagram that his wife was rushed into emergency surgery and was being treated for a skull hematoma. “At the end of last night's tour in Washington, DC, my wife Hayley became disoriented and was taken to the hospital,” he wrote. She “was diagnosed with a cranial hematoma due to a ruptured blood vessel and she required an emergency craniectomy. “She is in stable condition.”

A cranial hematoma is when blood pools in the skull and while we don't know how the condition developed for Derek's loved one, it's good news to know that she is stable under terrifying circumstances.

“I want to thank the first responders and medical staff who have cared for her and continue to care for her. “I ask for her prayers and positivity during this time,” she added.

A difficult time for the newlyweds, who got married this summer on August 26, just before their tour began at the end of September. Shortly after publishing the news, the colleague DWTS Family members like Jenna Johnson, Peta Murgatroyd and Ariana Madix sent their love to the couple.

We hope for a speedy recovery, Hayley!

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