DoorDash's Super Bowl ad is a giveaway that gives away everything advertised during the game, from a BMW to mayonnaise.


DoorDash's Super Bowl ad is having a uniquely big impact this year, with its 30-second ad featuring a sweepstakes that offers the viewer the chance to win everything (yes, everything from a 30-pound jar of mayonnaise to a BMW vehicle) that is announced during the championship match.

It's no small task, given that the Super Bowl is the biggest annual advertising event, with around 60 to 70 advertisers competing to impress a television audience of more than 100 million viewers. This year advertisers are paying $7 million for 30 seconds of air time during the championship game. according to the trade publication Advertising Age.

DoorDash's giveaway approach is surprising because the delivery service leverages messaging from other sellers, promising viewers they could have a chance to win everything advertised during the Feb. 11 game, which characteristic the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs taking on the San Francisco 49ers. So far, the list of advertisers includes companies such as BMW, Doritos, Dove, Kia, M&M, Popeyes and Volkswagen.

A preview of the giveaway says participants have a chance to win “all the snacks” and “all the cars” advertised during the game, among other items.

The giveaway also has a marketing message, as the promotion ties into DoorDash's service of delivering products to customers' doors.

Chiefs-49ers Super Bowl matchup set: Here's how they got there 04:23

“We're using this as a starting point so that a broader discussion can help drive a reevaluation of DoorDash,” Kofi Amoo-Gottfried, DoorDash's chief marketing officer, told CBS MoneyWatch in an interview. The message is “you can get everything on DoorDash; we've evolved beyond restaurants.”

The estimated value of the products and services awarded in the contest is $480,000, according to DoorDash. Amoo-Gottfried said the value could be higher given that advertisers are still announcing their plans for the Super Bowl.

“That's an estimate based on what we know today,” he said. “It's less about the quantity and more about the idea; what we find exciting is that we've spent close to 60 years watching all these ads, but I've never been able to understand everything” advertised during the game.

Super Bowl LVIII will be broadcast live from Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, on CBS – the parent company of CBS News, and on Nickelodeon and streaming on Supreme+.

When does the DoorDash giveaway start?

The giveaway begins on February 11 after the Super Bowl begins, which should be around 3:30 pm PST/6:30 pm EST, and will end the same day at 11:59 pm PST. according to DoorDash.

Are Dashers eligible to participate?

The contest is open to legal residents of the 50 US states or Washington, DC who are at least 21 years old and are not employees of DoorDash.

However, DoorDash delivery drivers, or Dashers, are eligible to enter the giveaway, the company said.

How do you participate in the draw?

DoorDash says you'll have to watch the Super Bowl on February 11 and keep an eye out for its ad, which will include “an extensive promotional code” that participants will need to enter correctly into the giveaway website.

After pressing Enter, the participant will be asked to provide their name, email, and phone number, which counts as one entry. Each spectator is only allowed one entry. If you enter the promo code incorrectly, you may have another chance to correct the code, the rules say.

If no one enters the promo code correctly, DoorDash will run a “second chance giveaway,” it said.

What are the odds of winning?

Right now, there are no odds because it will depend on how many correct entries DoorDash receives on February 11.

When will the winner receive the prize?

DoorDash said the giveaway administrator will choose one entry at random on Monday, Feb. 12, and the winner will be notified that afternoon.

What will the winner receive?

The list continues to grow, but DoorDash estimates the value of the items at $480,000.

It will not be able to offer some products that will be promoted, such as alcohol, prescription drugs, insurance products and gambling, but plans to offer substitute products instead. For example, instead of offering Coors Light beer, you'll give the winner a game of cornhole.

Winnings could include up to 6 vehicles that could be advertised in-game. Currently, there are at least four automakers known to have ads in the Super Bowl, including:

  • BWWwith its all-electric 2024 BMW i5
  • kiawith its all-electric EV9
  • Toyota, with the 2024 Toyota Tacoma
  • Volkswagen (model not yet known)

Additionally, DoorDash said the prize will include:

  • 1,000 Popeyes chicken wings
  • 24 Dove Beauty Bars
  • 20 packages of family size Oreos
  • 720 Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
  • A Kawasaki off-road vehicle
  • 80 drumstick dessert cones
  • A 30-pound bucket of mayonnaise
  • 25 cans of Pringles

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