Eiffel Tower closes due to staff strike and union says milestone is


The Eiffel Tower was closed to visitors on Wednesday after workers went on strike ahead of contract negotiations with the city of Paris. The strike coincided with events planned to commemorate the centenary of the death of the tower's creator, Gustave Eiffel.

The tower is open 365 days a year, except during occasional strikes, and it was unclear when it would reopen, an Eiffel Tower spokesperson told The Associated Press.

Around 800 employees work at the tower each day and 6,000,000 people visit it each year, making it the most visited monument with an entrance in the world, according to the group that manages the monument, SETE.

A pre-recorded musical program marking the death of Gustave Eiffel (he died on December 27, 1923) was still scheduled to air on French television on Wednesday night.

The union said in a statement that tower staff were protesting “the current way it is managed” and claimed its operator was “doomed to disaster,” the AFP news agency reported.

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