Eurostar stops service due to surprise strike in Channel Tunnel


Eurostar, the high-speed passenger train that runs under the English Channel, suspended service between Paris and London on Thursday due to “an unexpected strike” at the Channel Tunnel, causing travel chaos before Christmas.

As of Thursday afternoon, 25 trains scheduled to travel between London and Paris and between London and Brussels had been cancelled, according to Eurostar's website. eurostar said on social networks that trains will not be able to pass through the Channel Tunnel until mid-afternoon on Thursday at the earliest.

“We urge all passengers to postpone their journey due to the Eurotunnel closure and continued uncertainty,” a statement said. “Again; we are very sorry for the impact this is having.” Four trains were held up mid-journey and would return to their departure points, Eurostar said.

LeShuttle, the train service that transports cars and trucks through the tunnel, was also suspended, according to a statement posted on their social media accountswhich he blamed on “French industrial action.”

Eurostar added that it had no information yet on whether train services would continue as planned on Friday. On Thursday, only one train was scheduled to leave Paris for London at 9:10 p.m. Two night trains were scheduled to leave from London to Paris, according to the Eurostar website.

The Eurostar transports passengers between Paris and London in approximately two hours and 15 minutes. It also runs between London, Brussels and Amsterdam, although the company said last month that its direct train service from Amsterdam to London would be suspended for six months next year.

Clement Beaune, France's transport minister, said blocking the Channel Tunnel was “unacceptable”. “A solution must be found immediately,” he wrote on social media. “I appeal to everyone to shoulder their responsibilities and ensure that traffic and departures during the holidays can continue in good conditions.”

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