Former top editor of Brooklyn Jewish newspaper pleads guilty to Jan. 6 charge


A former senior editor at an Orthodox Jewish newspaper in Brooklyn pleaded guilty Tuesday to obstructing police officers' efforts to contain the mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

The publisher, Elliot Resnick, pleaded guilty to felony obstruction of law enforcement during a civil disorder before Judge Rudolph Contreras of U.S. District Court in Washington. Resnick, 40, of Manhattan, is scheduled to be sentenced in June.

Clay Kaminski, a federal public defender representing Resnick, declined to comment.

At the time of the riots, Resnick was the chief editor of The Jewish Press, which began publication in 1960 and describes itself on its website as “the largest independent Jewish weekly in the United States” and “politically incorrect.” long before the riots.” He coined the phrase “.

After Politico reported in April 2021 that Resnick, who began working at The Jewish Press in 2006, had been part of the January 6 mob, the newspaper's editorial board released a statement saying he had been in Washington to cover the events of the day like a journalist.

“The Jewish press does not see why Elliot's personal views on former President Trump should set him apart from the dozens of other journalists covering the events, including many inside the Capitol building during the riots,” the editorial board wrote.

Citing court records, Justice Department officials said Tuesday that Resnick had not acted as a journalist that day. Shlomo Greenwald, who replaced Resnick as the paper's top editor in May 2021, did not respond to phone and email inquiries Tuesday.

On the day of the riot, according to court documents, Resnick took a bus from New York to Washington and eventually joined the horde that descended on the Capitol after a speech by Trump. After climbing a staircase on the east side of the building, he turned and urged others to climb the steps, court records show.

At that point, according to court documents, Resnick and others began fighting with police officers who were trying to keep the mob at bay. When an officer attempted to spray some rioters with pepper spray, Resnick grabbed the officer's arm to stop the action, court records show.

The group that included Mr. Resnick forced open a door and entered the Capitol Rotunda, according to court documents. Resnick then turned and, along with others, attempted to force open a second door. An officer who tried to intervene was thrown to the ground, and Resnick burst through the open door, grabbed other rioters and pushed them into the Capitol, past officers who were trying to keep them out, according to court documents.

Resnick spent nearly an hour in the building, moving through several areas before returning to the Rotunda and repeatedly urging others to enter, giving some of them congratulatory pats on the back after they entered, according to court records.

Resnick is one of more than 1,265 people charged in connection with the Jan. 6 riot, according to the Justice Department. A federal investigation into the day's events continues. Separately, on Tuesday, a 40-year-old New Jersey man, Lee Giobbie, was charged with several felonies and misdemeanors for what prosecutors say was his role in the riot.

Trump supporters stormed the Capitol that day in an attempt to prevent the certification of Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential election. Trump, who is seeking the Republican nomination in this year's presidential election, faces federal charges of conspiracy and other charges arising from the riot. He has pleaded not guilty.

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