Guy Fieri says he plans to 'die broke' and won't leave anything for his kids


Guy Fieri is borrowing a page from Shaquille O'Neal's Cook Book playbook when it comes to your kids inheriting money: If they want to see cheese, they should bring home two degrees.

The Food Network star recently appeared on Fox News and shared what he told his two sons, Hunter, 27, and Ryder, 17, whom he shares with his wife, Lori, 52, about what they should expect when their time on this earth comes to an end. .

“I told them the same thing my dad told me: 'When I die, you can expect me to die broke and you'll pay for the funeral,'” Fieri, 55, told the network. “And I told my kids, 'You're not going to get any of this stuff I've been building unless you come and take it away from me.'”

In addition to her two children, the famous TV personality also helped raise her nephew, Jules, 22, after his sister, Morgan, died in 2011. And it looks like Jules got the memo and is taking it to heart. Serious.

“So, my nephew, Jules, is in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. He's in the law program at Loyola Marymount. If you're going to be a great entertainment agent, you need that law background,” Fieri said. “So, he's doing that.”

But for Ryder, it's a concept he's still coming to terms with.

“My youngest son, Ryder, is a senior in high school and he's getting ready to graduate. And he's like, 'Dad, this is so unfair. I haven't even gone to college yet and you're already pushing for me to have than getting a bachelor's degree. MBA. Can I just finish college?'” he said. “I say, hey, you know.”

Fieri then mentioned what Shaq has said several times this year, which is that his six children won't have access to his bank account unless they bring home two degrees.

“Shaq said it best: If you want any of this cheese, you have to get me two grades,” Fieri said. “Well, both of my degrees mean graduate school. So they're on their way.”

He Dinners, drive-ins and diving The star's revelation comes nearly a month after it was reported that she signed a multi-year deal with Food Network worth a whopping 100 million dollars. According VarietyHis last deal closed in 2021, earning him a whopping $80 million.

That Fieri plans to die broke and not leave an inheritance to his children is nothing new. In fact, his counterpart, Gordon Ramsay, said The Telegraph in 2017 that his fortune “definitely will not” his six childrenwhom he shares with his wife, Tana.

“And that's not in a bad way; it's so as not to spoil them,” he told the outlet. “The only thing I have agreed with Tana is that they will receive a 25 percent deposit for the apartment, but not for the entire apartment.”

and shaq he told the finance podcast, Earn your leisurein November 2021, which is what it will take to get some of your hard-earned money.

“You have to have a bachelor's or master's degree, and then if you want me to invest in one of your companies, you'll have to present it. Boom, boom, boom. Bring it to me,” he said. . “I'll let you know. I won't give you anything.”


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