Jon Gosselin hopes to reconcile with adult children: Kate will hate it!


Despite the ongoing conflict between Jon and Kate Gosselin, the father of eight has never given up on the idea of ​​reconciling with most of his children.

Hannah and Collin headed towards him as soon as they could. But he remains estranged from the twins and the remaining septuplets.

Now, all the Gosselins are adults. And that means they're no longer so firmly under Kate's control.

And there may be real hope that Jon can one day reconnect with Kate's loyalists.

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Jon Gosselin spoke to a notorious TV charlatan about how his divorce cost him everything and how his ex became twisted and deformed. (Image credit: NBC)

As we reported at the time, Hannah and Collin Gosselin were able to leave Kate's clutches and live with their father when they were teenagers.

In fact, Hannah made the trip first. Then, after Jon was able to get him out of the institution Kate had confined him in, Collin joined them.

Collin dreamed of military service and began basic training this summer after graduating high school. Most of the Gosselin children go to college and the twins, of course, headed off to college years ago.

Hannah Gosselin and Collin Gosselin wear their red graduation gowns as their father Jon Gosselin stands between them.Hannah Gosselin and Collin Gosselin wear their red graduation gowns as their father Jon Gosselin stands between them.
Proud dad! In June 2023, Jon Gosselin posed with Collin Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin at their high school graduation. (Photo credit: Instagram)

According The US Sunan inside source sees hope on the horizon for Jon to talk to more children.

“Jon sees them communicating with him in the future,” the source reported.

“It seems more and more real,” the source then characterized.

Jon Gosselin takes a selfie while standing between Collin Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin.Jon Gosselin takes a selfie while standing between Collin Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin.
In 2020, Jon Gosselin shared a ton of snaps of kids Collin Gosselin and Hannah Gosselin. At that time they were just in his custody. (Photo credit: Instagram)

As the informant reiterated: “The chances are better now than before.”

And it all comes down to how much direct control Kate has over their lives.

“The pressure has eased,” the source reasoned.

Photo by Kate GosselinPhoto by Kate Gosselin
Kate Gosselin is angry in this screenshot from her former reality TV career. Anger often seems to be her default state. (Image credit: TLC)

“Now that they're adults,” the source suggested, “they're expressing themselves as individuals.”

The source then said they are doing it “more now than they could or would have done before.

We all know Kate doesn't seem to handle dissent well. Many people focus on her unpleasant temperament when it comes to adults and forget that she is a deeply terrible mother who has inflicted lasting damage. Ask Collin.

Jon Gosselin horizontalJon Gosselin horizontal
Jon Gosselin comes to WE tv and celebrates the return of “Love After Lockup” on December 11, 2018. (Photo credit: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

Simply put, their hope is that they can take time to think for themselves and process their past.

Now, Jon absolutely disappointed his children in multiple ways. We don't think he would argue with it.

But Kate's tyrannical parenting style (really, that's putting it better than it deserves) could take years, and maybe a lot of therapy, for most kids to get over.

Kate Gosselin: I don't understand why people hate me!Kate Gosselin: I don't understand why people hate me!
Although Kate Gosselin doesn't seem to understand why, she is one of the most reviled reality TV personalities in history. And she is not unjustified. (Image credit: ABC)

Some of them may cut ties with both parents. And it's also possible that one or more will leave Team Jon as life experience helps them see Kate for who she is.

However, chances are that some (but not all) have some level of dialogue with both parents.

No matter how toxic and terrible a bad parent is, sometimes it is impossible for children to accept who they are, even in adulthood.

Collin Gosselin made some shocking accusations about his mother during a recent interview. Shocking, but not surprising. (Image credit: Entertainment Tonight)

Truth be told, not having contact with one or both parents is hard. Sometimes it is the best decision a person can make in their life and it could even save their life. But it's difficult.

And our society, our culture, makes it even more difficult.

We can only imagine the complex layers of trauma and coping mechanisms the Gosselin children have accumulated. With time and therapy, they may be able to analyze what they went through and make their own decisions. We wish them well.

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