Kailyn Lowry reveals plans to welcome EIGHTH child via surrogate!


We're still not sure exactly how many children Kailyn Lowry has.

After months of secrecy, Lowry admitted to welcoming a fifth child in November of last year.

Shortly after, Kail revealed that she was pregnant with twins!

Most Teen Mom fans now seem to agree that Lowry has given birth to said twins, but she's keeping the news to herself for reasons that aren't entirely clear.

Kailyn Lowry and her children
Kailyn Lowry poses here with three of her five children. (Photo credit: Getty Images)

That's her prerogative, of course, but now the situation has been further complicated by Kail's comments about her interest in surrogacy and her plans to further expand her family.

The comments came up on a recent podcast episode in which Kail was accompanied by her old friend Bone Estrada.

“You just know when you're not done having kids and you know when you're done having kids,” Lowry said, according to a UK tabloid. Sun.

Kailyn Lowry and trio of kidsKailyn Lowry and trio of kids
Kailyn Lowry hangs out here with her three kids on an episode of Teen Mom 2 on MTV. (mtv)

“So there was a point where I said I wasn't done having kids – we're going to do a gender selection – and then Bone was going to take my kids or my son,” the mother of seven continued. .

“And Elijah (Scott) was on board. “I don’t know if your boyfriend was on board.”

Bone went on to reveal that both she and her boyfriend are on board with the idea of ​​Estrada having Lowry's child.

Kailyn Lowry on podcastKailyn Lowry on podcast
Kailyn Lowry smiles here while recording an episode of her podcast. (Instagram)

It was unclear if those plans were scrapped now that Kail (supposedly) welcomed twins and the set (supposedly) includes the daughter she always wanted.

Whatever the case, fans loved the episode's candor and the close bond between Kail and Bone.

“We all need a friend like Bone. Please convince her to appear more often! wrote one commenter.

Kailyn Lowry on a podcastKailyn Lowry on a podcast
Kailyn Lowry hosts several podcasts. She appears here in one of them. (Instagram)

“Kail, you gotta give your girl a sister,” another added.

“And I thought my adoption story was crazy… this was so wild!! “I loved it,” chimed in a third.

Kail's latest family planning controversy comes on the heels of questions about the paternity of her fourth child, Rio.

Kailyn Lowry in the airKailyn Lowry in the air
Kailyn Lowry is front and center in this scene from a 2019 episode of Teen Mom 2. (mtv)

In a previous episode of the podcast, Kail admitted that her relationship with Elijah, who is believed to be Rio's father, overlapped with a previous fling.

Despite those circumstances, Elijah has not undergone a paternity test to confirm that he is truly Rio's father.

Yes, it's a complex situation, but that applies to almost everything in Kail's life!

Kail Photo: Teen Mom 2Kail Photo: Teen Mom 2
Kailyn Lowry reacts in characteristic fashion on Teen Mom 2. This sums up a lot, really. (mtv)

Lowry has yet to comment on rumors that another guy could be Rio's father.

And despite fans' requests for more details, she has not divulged any further details about the surrogacy situation.

Something tells us that with seven children at home, three of them under two years old! —Lowry is in no rush to welcome an eighth!

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