Kristin Cavallari's ex criticizes her for sharing her DUI on her podcast


Jeff Dye is furious about his ex. Kristin Cavallarirevealed the intimate details behind his DUI arrest in October, insisting he only shared the story for clicks.

The comedian appeared on the Smoochietown Podcast with Marco DelVecchio on Thursday and hit the Let's be honest podcast host for not only sharing the story on her podcast just weeks after her arrest, but also for misleading. To begin with, Cavallari never mentioned Dye by her name in the October 24 episode from his podcast (called “My First 72 Hours in Los Angeles That You Couldn't Write”), but the timeline he shared on his podcast lines up with Dye's version.

Long story short, Cavallari, 36, appeared on his podcast and revealed that Dye, 40, was arrested while they were on a coffee date in Burbank after he crashed his Tesla into a tree and left the scene. While he was at the coffee shop, police officers arrived and told Cavallari that he matched the driver's description. Dye was arrested and taken into custody, leaving Cavallari shaken and confused about what exactly had happened.

Cavallari, who dated Dye following her divorce from former NFL star Jay Cutler, said she agreed to meet Dye at the coffee shop after he asked her out. Dye said in the smoochietown podcast that he wanted to watch it to see if there was a chance to rekindle what they once had. But the day started badly. Dye confirmed Cavallari's version of the story: that she woke up late after a night of heavy drinking with friends at her house. He said he was supposed to meet her at the cafeteria at 9 am. On the way there, Dye said that she was still feeling the effects of the previous night's drinking, but that she didn't think too much about it. Still, she lost control of her Tesla and crashed into a tree. Panicking, Dye left on foot and walked about a mile to meet Cavallari.

“I knew once I crashed I was like, 'Shit. They're going to catch me,'” he said.

He added: “It was literally the worst day of my life.”

But the fact that she told the story on her podcast doesn't sit well with Dye, who is also furious that she shared photos of the wrecked car. Dye explained that the car looked like that because firefighters had to open the doors, which she said can't be opened after an accident because the car is essentially a big computer.

“And that's another sneaky part of Kristin telling the story on her podcast to get clicks, which screws her up,” Dye said. “It's not his story to tell. And also, he said this and said, 'Well, it was my experience too. That's why I shared it on the podcast.' Interesting, because, you know, when we were dating I had a billion experiences with you that I wasn't just going to share. I had experiences with you that I didn't tell everyone. Those were also my experiences when you were. Fuck you with all these other people. But anyway.”

“She posted photos?!” DelVecchio asked in shock. “Because?!”

“Because he's a terrible person,” Dye responded. “She didn't care. She just wanted to tell the story on her podcast. It was very terrible.”

Dye said he frequents the Burbank coffee shop almost every day. Upon his return after the ordeal, Dye said the barista allegedly told him, “You have a lot of balls to come back here.”

“I don't think people realize how horrible that made me feel,” Dye said. “I don't know if anyone will ever know. Imagine the worst thing that has ever happened to you and having strangers staring at you in a coffee shop.”

He added that having a personal experience that you are ashamed of and that everyone talks about is something that haunted him.

“They only talk about it for her,” he added.

Dye said he has since stopped drinking alcohol and has now been sober for almost two months.

“It's been the best,” he said of his decision to give up alcohol. “My life has been infinitely better since then.”


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