Madonna playfully calls Andy Cohen during a show in Brooklyn


Andy Cohen is basking in the glory of being called by Virgin during their live show!

The “Frozen on Fire” singer performed at the Barclays Center in New York during his celebration tour on Saturday, and at one point stopped the program to joke with the Watch What Happens Live! presenter, who was in the front row near the stage.

“IM so lucky?” Madonna, sporting a giant pink cowboy hat and a daring Western-themed bustier, asked the audience, before directing the call-and-response directly to Cohen. “How lucky am I, Andy?”

“If you say one more bad thing about me on your show, I'm going to… oh, you're going to be in a lot of trouble,” Madonna jokingly threatened the TV host. “Little rowdy queen!”

Evidently, the moment was everything Cohen hoped it would be and more.

Bravo producer and WWHL The host took to Instagram to share his appreciation for the singer and her new nickname.

“I've been a lifelong Madonna fan, so it's exciting and an honor to have the Queen of Trouble call me 'troublemaker queen,'” Cohen gushed. “I BOW!”

“Also, go see the new tour. It blew my mind! What a great night. I can't wait to go back. #TroublemakingQueen,” she added.

The fun moment with Cohen came just two days after Madonna welcomed Julia Garner on stage at the Barclays Center on Thursday.

Garner, who was chosen to play Madge in since scrapped biopic, joined the 65-year-old singer during the show's Estere's Ball segment. Channeling the star, Garner wore high-waisted black pants and a black lace corset with pearls around her neck. In another gesture, Garner's blonde tresses were cut with a sleek side part.

Madonna took the stage alongside her in a dazzling corset that she paired with matching fishnet stockings and arm-length gloves.

As the dancers participated in a Vogue competition, both Madonna and Garner held signs that read “Chop” or “10,” as a nod to ballroom dancing competitions.

Madonna is currently on the Celebration Tour.which is scheduled to last until April.


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