McDonald, Sold at Low Price in Rusia

McDonald, Sold at Low Price in Rusia

McDonald, Strong Response to Ban: Big Brands, including McDonald’s, Sold at Cheaper Prices as Putin’s Supporters Seize the Opportunity

Following Russia’s aggressive actions in Ukraine, several Western countries, including the United States, imposed strict economic sanctions in an effort to weaken Russia.

McDonald, Sold at Low Prices as Putin’s Supporters However, the ban has faced a strong backlash from prominent business figures, including those with close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The pressure exerted by Western nations led to the closure of operations for many major companies such as Coca-Cola, Lewis, and Apple.

These companies were left with no choice but to sell off their assets, often at significantly discounted prices, due to the adverse economic environment.

While this resulted in a limited availability of desired products for ordinary Russian consumers, it presented a lucrative opportunity for Russia’s elite class to take advantage of the situation.

McDonald, Sold at Low Prices as Putin’s Supporters Notably, Starbucks, a well-known coffee chain with 130 stores in Russia operating mainly on a franchise model, decided to liquidate its entire property portfolio at bargain prices in May of the previous year.

One example of a savvy business move amidst these circumstances is Arkady Navikov, the owner of a prestigious restaurant. Recognizing the potential for gain, Navikov seized the opportunity and acquired 30 Krispy Kreme restaurants at the same reduced price.

When questioned about their decision, individuals such as Timati and Pinsky expressed their determination to avoid losses, stating, “We chose to purchase a business that was deemed unprofitable.”

The aftermath of the ban on Russian businesses and the subsequent fire sale of assets not only had implications for the availability of goods in the market but also presented a distinct advantage for Putin’s supporters and the affluent circles within the country.

These individuals were able to capitalize on the economic downturn and acquire valuable assets at prices well below their actual worth.

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