Michael Bublé's son's cancer hit my reality hard


Michael Buble is opening up about his son's cancer diagnosis. In a recent episode of Diary of a CEO podcastThe 48-year-old singer revealed how his son, Noah, cancer diagnosis 2016 “It shook my world.”

“He took the curtain off my eyes… That was a sledgehammer to my reality,” Bublé said. “I will never be carefree again in my life and that's okay. It's a privilege for me to exist, and that pain, the fear, the suffering that comes with that kind of thing is, I guess, part of that beautiful thing, this life. “

Before Noah's diagnosis, Bublé said he was going through “a crisis” and wasn't clear about his “priorities.”

“I don't think I was a terrible guy, but man, it was blinders. Career. Ambition. How can I become the baddest, the biggest and the best? More ego, more power, more money,” he said. “(Then) on Halloween, no matter how many years have passed, friend, it's like life was lived with a curtain in front of me, like a filter. And the moment they said this is what's happening, that It really hit me.”

“The filter was gone. And, I mean, in a moment, in a moment, it was gone,” Bublé continued. “I said, 'Okay. This is it. This is life. This is everything. This is what's important… These are the priorities you need to have to be happy in your life.'”

After the diagnosis, Bublé recalled being in his son's hospital bathroom and having a powerful moment.

“I remember closing my eyes and saying to myself, 'If we get through this, I'll live a different life, a better life,'” he said. “And I did. I made that promise to myself at one point. I want to be kinder. I want to be more empathetic. I never want to let that ego and that false self take over. I want to know how lucky I am.”

“I'm a lucky man,” added Bublé, married to Luisana Lopilato. “I look at my wife and think, 'How did that happen? How did I get this incredible human being, who is the best of all of us, to guide me and help me get through these things?'”

Bublé, who shares Noah, 10, Elías, 7, Vida, 5, Darling1-year-old, with Lopilato, previously spoke about her oldest son's cancer diagnosis in an interview from November 2018 with E.T.

“What my family and I have been through, it would be impossible not to have an effect on everything I do,” he said. “I think people have no idea that their compassion and their love and their empathy and their prayers for my family and I meant as much as they did.”


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