Millions of Apple users can claim part of a $25 million settlement. That is how.


Subscribers to Apple Music and other services may be eligible to claim part of a $25 million settlement over the company's shared subscription program.

The settlement resolves a lawsuit over Apple's Family Sharing benefit, a free service that allows up to six users to access a handful of paid-monthly apps, including Apple News+, Music, TV+, Arcade and Apple Card, under a shared subscription.

According to the complaint, Walter Peters v. Apple Inc., Apple ran “misleading” ads for Family Sharing alongside “virtually all” subscription-based apps in the App Store even though most of them do not support sharing through the service. As a result, millions of customers were tricked into purchasing subscriptions through third-party apps “that they would not otherwise have purchased,” attorneys alleged in the lawsuit.

Apple has denied committing any wrongdoing under the agreement and deceiving customers.

US customers who had a Family Sharing plan and purchased a subscription to a third-party app between June 21, 2015 and January 30, 2019 can file a claim under the settlement.

How do I claim money under the Apple agreement?

People who used Apple Family Sharing and who are eligible under the agreement can apply to receive a payment through claims. website. If you have an identification number and PIN, you can submit your claim through the website; If not, you must download, complete and mail the payment election shape from the case website.

The filing deadline is March 1, 2024, according to the deal site. Claimants who file after the deadline will not receive compensation.

How much is the payment?

Under the deal, eligible group members can expect to receive “up to $30,” according to the “FAQ.” section from the claims site.

How will I be compensated?

If you are eligible for a payment, you can choose between two payment methods: an ACH (electronic payment) transfer or a check, depending on the agreement. place.

You must indicate your payment preference before the filing deadline or risk losing your part of the deal.

How do I know if I am eligible?

Eligible customers will receive an email with information about the deal, The Verge reported. You are eligible if you purchased a subscription through a third-party app while on a Family Sharing plan with at least one other person between June 21, 2015 and January 30, 2019.

If you have not received a notice despite meeting the eligibility requirements, you can still file a claim using the form on the settlement website and submit it by mail.

There is an opt-out option for group members. Who should opt out?

You may want to opt out if you plan to file a separate lawsuit against Apple regarding any claims related to the class action. To do so, you must mail a letter that includes your contact information, signature, and a statement detailing your decision not to participate in the settlement to the case manager.

Alternatively, you can complete an opt-out request form from the settlement website, print it, and mail it.

The opt-out request should be sent to the following address: Peters v. Apple Class Action Settlement Administrator, PO Box 301134, Los Angeles, CA 90030-1134. Your application must be postmarked no later than March 1, 2024.

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