Miranda Cosgrove reveals that she has never been drunk or smoked 'anything'


Miranda Cosgrove is becoming candid about her relative lack of experience with alcohol and drugs, although she could It wasn't a big surprise to his fans..

He icarly star We recently sat down to chat at he good boys podcast with former co-star josh peck and fellow host Ben Soffer, and Peck asked the ever-optimistic Cosgrove, “Have you ever done anything bad? Do you drink? Do you do any of that?”

“I've never been drunk in my entire life,” admitted the 30-year-old actress, who began her career as a child. Cosgrove admitted that she might sound “crazy” but it was still true, and she admitted that she would be “open to it” if it came up.

“They've never called me,” Cosgrove added later. “I've had things before, but I eat two sips.”

The actress said that there was actually no specific reason why she avoided being criticized at some point in her life, but that it just became second nature to not overdo it.

“I think it started because I was always the designated driver when I was out with my friends,” Cosgrove reflected. “I liked taking on that role and I got used to it and stayed with it forever.”

“I'm open to drinking. I'm still planning on it at some point,” Cosgrove shared, adding that she “should have done it on my (30th) birthday.”

The same type of discipline apparently applied to drugs as well, as Cosgrove admitted: “I've never smoked anything.”

“I ate an edible brownie, like an edible brownie, and I fell asleep for about 17 hours,” she added. “I woke up super rested.”

He icarly The star spoke with ET's Deidre Behar. on the orange carpet at this year's Nickelodeon Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles in March, and talked about her plans for her milestone birthday, which she celebrated on May 14.

“I'm excited to have a party with my friends. I haven't had a big party since I turned 16, so I think I'm really going to try it this year,” Cosgrove smiled, saying she was excited “to just have all my friends.” favorite people around me.'

“It'll probably be a big girls' night out,” she explained. “Because a lot of my friends are single, and so am I. It's going to be a fun girls' night out!”


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