Most Americans Try to Stay Within Their Means While Buying Gifts This Holiday Season: CBS News Poll


With many people throughout the country. worried about inflation, Americans say they are spending within their means this holiday season. Very few plan to go into debt to spend, and most spend what they think they can afford. And that is why, to keep spending under control, many will not buy more gifts than in previous years.

Only one in five say they will buy more gifts for other people this holiday season, compared to recent years, and this is true even among people with higher incomes and those who say they can afford to live comfortably. In contrast, more than a third say they will buy fewer gifts. A plurality will not change your gift buying habits in any way.

And they won't buy more things for themselves either. Nearly half say they will buy fewer gifts for themselves this season, in addition to cutting back on other items. Similar percentages will buy fewer plane and travel tickets, fewer tickets or entertainment events, and less food and drinks. Not surprisingly, this is particularly true for low-income Americans and those struggling to make ends meet.


However, it may be a story of extremes, depending on Americans' financial situation.

For those struggling financially, many will give up buying gifts altogether. More than four in 10 people who say they cannot afford to make ends meet will not buy any gifts, a much higher percentage than those whose financial situation is better, those who can afford to save money or have money left over. a little for extras. .


This CBS News/YouGov poll was conducted with a nationally representative sample of 2,182 adult U.S. residents interviewed between December 4 and December 7, 2023. The sample was weighted by gender, age, race and education based on the US Census American Community Survey and Current Population Survey, as well as past voting. The margin of error is ±2.8 points.

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