Patrick Mahomes praises Taylor Swift, calls Travis Kelce 'lucky'


Patrick Mahomes is singing Taylor SwiftThe praises! During an interview at CBS MorningsThe Kansas City Chiefs quarterback reflected on his teammate, Travis Kelce's, relationship with the pop star.

“At first, I feel like everyone stayed away, just let him do what he was doing. And then he started bringing Taylor in and realized what a great person he was, and he is,” Mahomes said. “For us, there were a couple of jokes here and there at the beginning, but now she's just part of Chiefs Kingdom. She's part of the team.”

As for her friend Kelce, Mahomes said, “She's blessed to be with a great girl and a great woman.”

Mahomes also spoke about Swift's budding friendship with his wife. Brittany Mahomesand noted, “It's great that he hugged Brittany and that they built a friendship too.”

“It's been great interacting with her…She's top-notch in her profession, (so we get to) see how she drives and how she becomes that. It's really cool to hear and see,” he said. by Swift. “Now I get to see it firsthand through Brittany and Travis' eyes, so she's really cool.”

At the end of the day, Mahomes said, “I'm glad she's the person she is. That's why I think she and Travis fit together so well.”

Mahomes isn't the only Chiefs player to express support for Kelce's romance. Rashee Rice recently appeared on Fubo Sports Ventilate it podcast and said, “I'm happy for Trav. She's very good at supporting the team. And she also brought a lot more fans to the team.”

Kelce himself has not been shy about showing his appreciation for his girlfriend. During the most recent episode of his new heights podcast, Kelce marveled. in New England Patriots fans' reaction to Swift when he came out to support the Chiefs as the two teams faced off.

“I mean, you don't see an entire fan base of the home team going crazy over someone wearing the opposing team's colors,” he said. “It just shows you how amazing that girl is. They went completely crazy when they showed Taylor on screen, yeah.”

“There could have been some Brads and Chads “That was boos, but for the most part everyone was screaming their heads off for her,” he added. “She was trying to stay calm. I was like, 'Don't show your cards.'


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