63 People Rescued After Turkey Earthquake

People Rescued After Turkey Earthquake

In many places, rescuers are dismantling rubble. I hope someone will answer. Meanwhile, silence fell around him.
Last night, two women were rescued from the rubble of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. This is not a miracle. The number of victims of Saturday’s earthquake in the Turkish capital Kahramanmaras has reached 410, over 222 hours. It was a small miracle for the rescue team and the family. Additionally, a woman and her two children buried under rubble in Hatay, Turkey, were rescued 228 hours after the earthquake.

After this earthquake in Turkey, rescuers from both sides suffered. The man was throwing trash and yelling at his friends. Even after a long phone call, there was no answer.

People Rescued After Turkey Earthquake
People Rescued After Turkey Earthquake

In many places, rescuers are dismantling rubble. I hope someone will answer. Meanwhile, silence fell around him. The earthquake killed people 500 kilometers from Turkey and Syria. It will be many years before life returns to the way it was here. Losing a loved one will always cause you pain.

The evacuation lasted for six days after an earthquake struck southeastern Turkey and northern Syria. Authorities ordered the arrest or detention of 130 people for their involvement in the reconstruction of buildings damaged by the earthquake.

Peoples Are Injured in Turkey earthquake

The number of victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria on Saturday rose to 33,179 people. More than 92,600 people were injured. Rescue operations are still ongoing.

For the last five days, they rescued those buried in the cold.

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Fuat Oktay said on Saturday that arrest warrants had been issued for 131 people suspected of vandalism.

The Minister of Justice of Turkey said in his statement that those responsible for the demolition cannot be spared. Police officers began to collect samples of construction debris to secure construction materials.

Authorities detained two people in Gaziantep province on Sunday, the state-run Anadolu Agency reported. It is suspected that they cut down the tree to create a room in the house.

Six days after the powerful earthquake, rescuers found part of the wreckage, including a pregnant woman and two children.

People tried to end the army in Turkey. Seventeen policemen were killed in a military attack on Friday night. A helicopter attack was also carried out. F-16 fighters also flew over the cities. Two civilians and one soldier were killed in Istanbul. Two explosions rang out near the parliament.

How India and other countries help Turkey earthquake

So far, 256 people have died. Military equipment can be seen on the road between the capital Ankara and Istanbul. About 200 Indian students participating in a sports event in Ankara got into each other. According to the Government of India, all students are safe.

2,839 people were arrested, including some military leaders. The military took control and said they would launch a military operation, but within hours the situation changed.

The President of Turkey flees from Ankara: who is behind the conspiracy?

  • The special forces unit eliminated four militants involved in the crime.
  • Mass protests forced the military to withdraw its candidacy from the government.
  • After the summons of the Turkish president, people took to the streets in front of the rebel soldiers and sharply protested.
  • Many sleep under tanks. Some people obstruct the movement of military equipment.
  • In the meantime, the President of Turkey fled to a safe place on a special plane.
  • Earlier, rebel forces bombed the parliament building in Ankara. They also shot civilians.
    What is a dictatorship in Turkey?
  • The AK presidential party entered the government in 2002. So, the president tries to keep all the power in his cabinet.
  • When the president came to power, he checked many military leaders. As a result, soldier discontent grew.
  • Freedom of speech is also restricted.
  • Under the leadership of the AK Party, the country relies on Islam. World leaders against.
    -Turkey cooperates with the US military, but Erdogan does not have good relations with other world leaders, including Obama.


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