Houston mourns Big Pokey Died at 45


In a heartbreaking turn of events, the music world was shaken to its core by the early demise of Houston’s rap icon, Big Pokey.

The fabulous artist collapsed suddenly while gracing the stage with his lyrical prowess at an original bar in Beaumont on Saturday night.

He was only 45 times old. stirring footage from that ill-fated musical shows Big Pokey, in the middle of delivering his verses, suddenly heaving for breath into the microphone.

The air came heavy with unbelief as he fell backward, his body bowing before the unnoticeable force that had seized him.   Shocked observers,  firmed in despair, watched in stupefied silence as paramedics desperately rushed the stage. His hands fought against time, performing CPR in grim trouble to revive the fallen rapper.

Milton Powell was a necessary pillar of the Houston rap scene. With his unforgettable donation as a  launching member of the group Squinched Up Crowd, he etched his name in the annals of original hipsterism- hop history. The news of his demise spread like a campfire, plunging suckers, family, and musketeers into a  gutter of deep grief.  

A statement from his publicist who participated with KPRC Click2Houston served as painful evidence of the irrecoverable loss” It’s with great sadness that we partake the news of the end of our cherished Milton’ Big Pokey’ Powell. Big Pokey passed away.

How Houston mourns Big Pokey Died?

In the coming days, we will release information about the festivity of his life and how the public can recognize him We ask that you admire his family and his sequestration during this delicate time.

Big Pokey died after collapsing onstage Saturday will  ever be’ The Hardest hole in the waste!’   Fellow Houston rappers, stricken with grief, poured their hearts out in support of a man they doted as unyielding and extraordinarily blessed.

One of the most naturally talented artists in the city. Low- key, humble mountain of a man who Moved with quality.

And respect. He was easy to love and hard to detest. He’d rise over, do what he’d to do, and go home. One of the pillars of our megacity. If a heart of gold Would have been a great person. A distinguished member of SUC.

there will noway be another and will be greatly missed. We love and admire you. Sensei. Rest in heaven.”   Indeed Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner mourned on social media and paid homage to Big Pokey’s bottomless impact.

In a sincere tweet, she wrote,” The megacity of Houston and I extend our prayers and condolences to our veritably own dysfunctional rapper #BigPokey family and musketeers.

Numerous called him’ low key,’ his presence was larger than life. We’re  thankful.”  

The end of Big Pokey leaves a void in the hearts of his suckers, the music assiduity, and the entire Houston community. His heritage will live ever in the recollections of those who respected his art and his inarguable donation.

“I find myself utterly unprepared for this tragic news. Big Pokey, a true gem of natural talent within our city, has left us.

A humble giant of a man, he carried himself with integrity and dignity. It was effortless to adore him and nearly impossible to harbor any ill will.

He would arrive, fulfill his duties with unwavering dedication, and then quietly retreat to his sanctuary. He stood as one of the foundational pillars of our community, a paragon of virtue and resilience. If there ever was a personification of a heart of gold, it was him.

An iconic figure of the SUC, his absence leaves an irreplaceable void. We shall forever hold you dear, Sensei, and honor your memory as you find eternal rest in the heavens above.”

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