'Sister Wives': Kody gives first impression of Christine's new husband


Cody Brown He has a surprising reaction to meeting his ex Christina BrownThe new husband, David Woolley. In the last installment of Sister Wives: One on One In particular, Kody revealed that he met his ex's new man.

“I met David for 15 minutes, had a conversation, a very soft, light conversation. I was talking mostly to Robyn and she thought she was very sweet,” Kody said of his only remaining wife. Robyn Brown. “Christine chose it, so I think it's a good match, but I don't know anything.”

Kody later added that he “hopes” Christine “chose right” when it comes to David.

“I hope he's very happy,” the 18-year-old father said. “I'm not judging you, but my life has been public for years.”


As for David's impression of Kody, the soft-spoken newlywed said his wife's ex is a little more direct than he prefers.

“He wears his emotions on his sleeve a lot,” David said of Kody. “Sometimes you have to not do it. But that's him and that's the way it is. I can't say anything different. Would it be like that? No. You know, it's just that he wants you to listen to him.”

Kody claimed that Christine is manipulative and “Machiavellian” in her actions, but David disagreed with that assessment.

“He's definitely wrong about her being a traitor and things like, oh, Machiavellian. No, she's not that at all. I don't see that,” David said of his wife. “And I'm a people person. I can read people. She's not like that at all. She's really good. Sometimes she doesn't have a clue about things that happen.”


Christine agreed with that assessment, laughing.

Another person in the family who offered her opinion on David was Christine's ex-sister wife, Meri Brown, who also split from Kody after decades of spiritual marriage.

“Yeah, we've met a couple of times. He seems nice. I haven't really gotten to know him, but I've seen him a couple of times,” Meri said of David. “I'm excited for them. She seems very happy and I'm excited for her. I want her to be happy.”

Meri also acknowledged that she probably wouldn't be invited to the couple's wedding in October, and said she was okay with that.

Sister wives: answer airs Friday, December 22 at 9 pm ET on TLC.


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