'Sister wives': Kody responds when asked if he would accept another wife


Cody Brown is not interested in bringing another wife into his marriage to Robyn Brown, even if Robyn is the one who suggests it. In the final episode of Sister Wives: One on One In particular, interviewer Sukanya Krishnan asks Kody if he would consider taking another wife if Robyn brought him a candidate to continue their plural marriage.

“No, I wouldn't be interested because I would have to tell that woman, 'I will never love you as much as I love her,' because I know better now,” Kody explained.

In a previous episode, Kody admitted that he was only in love with Robyn despite being married to four women in total. In 2021, Christina Brown She separated from him and has since remarried. David Woolley. Janelle Brown announced their separation in 2022. And Meri Brown She split from Kody earlier this year after years of estrangement.


Robyn has previously expressed her dismay at the end of these relationships, saying she always intended to experience polygamy.

Janelle also doesn't believe her ex is looking for another wife.

“No, now he's talking more and more about 'As we move towards monogamy,'” he shared. “I don't foresee it. I'll bet you $1,000 right now and if it does, you'll come find me.”

As for Kody and Robyn's relationship, Janelle thinks they are the perfect couple.

“I think they're very happy. They've found something together at this stage in their lives that seems to be very deep and I think it works and that's okay,” Janelle said of the couple.

Sister wives: answer airs Friday, December 22 at 9 pm ET on TLC.


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