Sydney Sweeney reveals when Angus Cloud's death will seem real to her


Sidney Sweeney is opening up about angus cloud's death. In an interview with Glamor UKThe 26-year-old actress reveals why her Euphoria co-star july death it doesn't feel real, and when you think the tragedy will finally sink in.

“(My co-stars and I) were constantly on the phone crying, because it was such a shock,” Sweeney says of Clouds. accidental overdose deathat 25 years old. “I don't think it really feels real or affects me until we're filming and I don't see Angus on set.”

As difficult as it is, Sweeney notes, “when we're filming, all our eyes are on each other and we're there for each other, just in a different way than we can when we're all together.” very separate places in the world.”

“It's really interesting when someone passes away in our industry,” he added, “because they're still alive in a lot of ways.”

Sueney previously paid tax to Cloud on Instagram, writing: “Angus, you were an open soul, with the kindest heart, and you filled every room with laughter.”

“This is the hardest thing I've ever had to post and I'm struggling to find all the words,” he added. “We will miss you more than you know, but I am so lucky to have known you in this life, and I am sure everyone who has known you feels the same. This heartache is real and I wish we could have done it.” I had one more hug and he ran to 711. All my love is with you.”

Euphoria production on season 3 will begin in 2024, but new episodes will not premiere on HBO until 2025.

Until then, Sweeney is busy promoting her new romantic comedy. Nobody but youwhich she stars in and produces alongside her real-life boyfriend, Jonathan Davino.

“Jonathan is my producing partner, so he helped me put everything together. It's really great to work with someone who knows you so well, who fully supports your ideas, your vision and your voice,” he says. Glamor UK. “And it's nice. I mean, who doesn't want to be with their best friend all the time?”

Sueney previously discussed her working relationship with Davino in an interview with ET, saying, “I think it's amazing to be able to work with people you want to do business with. It's amazing to have someone who encourages you and someone who fully supports what you do.”

Nobody but you will hit theaters on December 22.


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