Taylor Swift responds to a fan who thanks her for a stronger bond with her daughter


Grab a tissue. This is a tearjerker.

An uncompromising Taylor Swift fan posted an emotional video on TikTok earlier this week thanking the midnight for bringing her closer to her 9-year-old daughter, and now the “Lover” singer has responded by saying she was “very moved” by what he said.

It all started when Swiftie Jenny shared that she is a single mom and works every day. But with Swift's help, Jenny has become much closer to her daughter this year after they both attended The Eras Tour, attended the tour's theatrical concert, and also rented the movie and devoured it at home along with a bit of pizza, all of which turned out to be such an exciting experience that it led the little girl to turn to her mother and say, “I've had more fun with you this year than ever before.”

The sentiment brought Jenny to tears and she felt compelled to share the touching experience not only with her followers but also with Swift, whom she tagged in the caption and said, “Thank you @TaylorSwift for everything!”

“For my daughter to sit there and say, 'I've had the best year with you'. I'm a single mom. I work every day. That means a lot to me, even more than my love for you,” Jenny said in the video. “I didn't think (my love for you) could be more, but hearing that from my daughter's mouth, girl, I'll take a bullet for you.”

Jenny went on to thank the 34-year-old singer for also helping her daughter thrive through her music – “Mean” helps her outperform the kids in school,” she said – and for helping them make memories that will last. life.


“I just wanted you to know that you have changed my mother's heart and brought my daughter and me closer,” Jenny added.

The TikTok video, which went viral and has now garnered more than 1.5 million views, reached Swift, who was so moved by the video that she responded with a sweet message for Jenny.

“You just reminded me why this year has been so special,” Swift responded in the comments section. “I'm very touched by what you said. It reminds me of me and my mom and the memories we made at that age.”

It's been an incredible year for Swift, who in 2023 enjoyed setting a standard of excellence when it comes to concerts. That, along with setting theatrical records with her Eras Tour concert film, is one of the many reasons she got TimeThe honor of Person of the Year 2023.

“Choosing one person to represent the eight billion people on the planet is not an easy task… There are several different options that could have represented the year 2023, but we chose one option, someone who represents joy.” saying Time's, Swift's editor-in-chief Jacobs, about the Today show. “Someone who is bringing light to the world, someone who has taken her own story and made it big enough for everyone. And I don't think there is anyone who has touched as many people as well as Taylor Swift did in 2023.” .

Jenny totally agrees.


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