Taylor Swift to Travis Kelce: I LOVE YOU!


As previously reported, Travis Kelce earned a trip to this year's Super Bowl on Sunday when the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Baltimore Ravens by a score of 17-10.

It's very exciting.

But even more exciting for the All-Pro tight end?

He also seems to have earned the complete and total affection of the most popular singer in the world.

Taylor Swift kisses Travis Kelce!
Travis Kelce earned a kiss after earning a trip to the Super Bowl in 2024. (Getty)

You see, Taylor Swift was present at the AFC Championship Game.

She planted a kiss on Kelce's lips shortly after the Chiefs' victory, and took the field after the game to celebrate with Kelce and his family.

“What happen dear?” Kelce could be heard saying in a video shared by a Twitter user on Sunday when the athlete first saw his girlfriend.

From there, it looks and sounds like Swift responds by saying “I've never seen you like this” and then hugs her strong lover.


Later in the same video?

Swift kisses Kelce and apparently with her mouth, I love you.

In other footage that emerged from Kelce and Swift's interactions on the field after this monumental victory, Kelce tells Swift that he's going back to the locker room to “enjoy” the impending trip to the Super Bowl with the “guys.”

Taylor appears to say she's never been happier, and Kelce then drops his own L-bomb on the artist.

Taylor and Travis feel comfortable in the AFC game after their big win. ((Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images))

Next, as just mentioned above?

Super Bowl LVIII.

It will take place in Las Vegas on February 11 and will feature the Chiefs playing the San Francisco 49ers.

Swift will be performing an Eras Tour concert the night before in Tokyo… but we've done the math, studied the routes, and analyzed the time zone differences.

In conclusion?

Taylor Swift will be at the Super Bowl.

Taylor hugs Travis KelceTaylor hugs Travis Kelce
Taylor Swift hugs her boyfriend Travis Kelce after the 2024 AFC title game. (Getty)

Swift spent a lot of time at Sunday's game with Donna Kelce, Travis' mother, and later reunited with Travis' brother, Jason, after the upset win.

Accepting the AFC Championship trophy on a makeshift stage after his team overwhelmed the Ravens, Travis quoted the Beastie Boys and yelled:

“You have to fight for your right to party!”

Swift could be seen laughing as she watched her boyfriend deliver the iconic speech.

“Believe it, honey! We're going to Las Vegas, Nevada! Kelce continued as Swift watched. “I'm going to get us another one!”

Taylor whispers to Travis.Taylor whispers to Travis.
You did it, baby! We'd have to imagine that's what Taylor Swift is saying to Travis Kelce here. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

In fact, the Chiefs defeated the 49ers in Super Bowl LIV, which occurred in 2020.

Most recently, Kansas City faced the Philadelphia Eagles in 2023 and won Super Bowl LVII just a year ago.

However, Kelce was not dating Swift at any of those times.

“I get to see him do what he loves, we support each other, there are other people there and we don't care,” Swift previously told TIME magazine of the couple's strong and sincere public support for each other. other.

“The opposite of that is that you have to go to extreme lengths to make sure no one knows you're dating someone.

“And we're just proud of each other.”

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