Teddi Mellencamp undergoes major melanoma surgery


Teddi Mellencamp recently underwent surgery after a previous attempt to treat your melanoma was ultimately unsuccessful.

However, Mellencamp has revealed that his latest surgery “went well” and he is now recovering.

“I specifically underwent 'wide excision melanoma, soft tissue defect reconstruction with adjacent tissue rearrangement,'” Mellencamp explained in a post on Instagram, along with a slideshow of photos from the hospital. “They basically cut out my shoulder area and replaced it with a flap of skin from the bottom of my back.”

Despite the cost of the surgery, Mellencamp stated, “The pain and discomfort is worth it.”

“The outpouring of love and prayers in the comments and DMs has left me speechless (which is hard). I wish I could respond to everyone, but know that I am forever grateful,” she added. “Please get your skin checked. I promise you, you don't want to go through this.”

Mellencamp also shared a series of videos on her Instagram Story documenting her experience before and after surgery.

After the procedure, she shared a video of herself being transported to an aftercare facility and said the entire procedure and subsequent recovery had been “very painful, but worth it.”

The surgery occurs a little more than a week after the previous one. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills The star shared a tearful update with fans about your health problems.

“I just cried a lot” Mellencamp explained, as he addressed the camera.. “I just got the call from my doctor saying the immunotherapy didn't work. It wasn't successful.”

“So I have two different options: I can do a big skin graft for my stomach and my arm, but the recovery is very long, or I can have another wide excision surgery,” Mellencamp continued, indicating at the time that he had decided opt for the second option.

“They're also bringing in a plastic surgeon because it's a very large area,” he explained, “and then I'll continue to have checkups every three months.”

Mellencamp's battle against skin cancer began in March 2022 when his RHOBH Her co-star, Kyle Richards, noticed suspicious spots on her back during a training session. Over the next eight months, Mellencamp underwent 12 melanoma removal procedures and ultimately faced stage 2 skin cancer. Throughout her journey, she decided to document her experience on social media, sharing her story with her followers and advocating for skin cancer awareness.


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