Tesla recalls more than 120,000 vehicles because doors can come loose in an accident


Tesla is recalling 120,423 vehicles because the doors can unlock and open in a crash, increasing the risk of injury, according to safety regulators.

The issue affects some 2021-2023 Model S and Model presentation. According to the agency, engineers at Tesla, an electric car maker, discovered the defect on December 6 while conducting side impact tests on vehicles.

As of December 14, Tesla was not aware of any warranty claims or injuries related to the issue.

Tesla released a free software update to resolve the issue and the automaker also plans to notify car owners by mail on February 17, 2024. For more information, people can contact Tesla customer service at (877) 798-3752 or NHTSA at (888) 327-4236, as well as visit the agency website.

Autopilot recovery

Tesla last week too More than 2 million vehicles were recalled across the company's entire model lineup (nearly all of its cars on the road) to fix a faulty system that's supposed to ensure drivers pay attention when using Autopilot. This followed a two-year investigation by NHTSA into a series of crashes that occurred while the Autopilot partially automated driving system was in use.

Tesla recalls more than 2 million vehicles to fix safety issue with its Autopilot feature 02:28

To fix that issue, Tesla sent drivers a software update that installs alerts designed to ensure drivers are fully aware and paying attention even when Autopilot is engaged.

Specifically, the update will address the Tesla Autosteer feature, one of the two Autopilot features. Autosteer is designed to keep vehicles on track and in their lanes on highways. The update limits where Autosteer can be used, depending on conditions in the vehicle's surrounding environment. It will alert drivers that Autosteer is not activated, according to the recall documents.

—Megan Cerullo of the Associated Press and CBS News contributed to this report.

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