The revealing thing about '90 Day Fiancé': Yohan is exposed and defends himself


Yohan's lies caught up with him during the final part of this season of 90 Day Fiancé: BackwardsThe tell-all special aired Monday on TLC, but he didn't apologize at all. Despite being confronted with one of the women he spoke to online when he was still married to Daniele, Yohan claimed that he did not remember anything and continued to deny. did he ever cheat on danielealthough the evidence was overwhelming.

Daniele estimated that Yohan was talk to at least 50 women online while they were married. During the story, one of these women, a woman named Memori, appeared remotely to share her experience with Yohan. Memori said Yohan slid into her Facebook Messenger and asked if she was married and had children and “it came from there.” She said that Yohan asked her to go to the Dominican Republic and when she told him that she could go with another girlfriend, he told her that she should come alone and that he would take care of her. Yohan told her that he was single and that she was divorcing her and that Daniele was trying to take everything from her.

Yohan said he didn't remember Memori and that many women send him requests on Instagram and Facebook.

“It may or may not be true,” he said.

Memori shared the messages that Yohan sent her and emphasized that she did not reach out to him first. The cast said that they actually believed that Yohan didn't remember Memori because he was talking to so many women. The accusations against Yohan worsened when Daniele said that Yohan was also dating his clients.

“He used his position in my business for his own sexual gain,” she said.

Yohan denied it, but Daniele brought evidence: long email exchanges with one of the women. Still, Yohan insisted that he was never inappropriate with any of the women who attended Daniele's retreat and told Daniele to “go to hell” with his lies.

“If you want me to be mean, I'll be mean to you,” he told her. “Fuck you. I can say what I want, but you'll see it your way. I'm not interested anymore. I told him I wasn't unfaithful to him. I wish I had been unfaithful, so “I would have felt better. “I was too good to you.”

Daniele said that Yohan was behaving badly because he made everything public. She burst into tears and asked him to be honest. But Yohan did not regret it in the slightest.

“You're manipulative,” he told her. “No one will believe your crocodile tears.”

Yohan said Daniele had proof of everything because he investigated her email and social media accounts and if he had done the same with her, he would have discovered things too. He refused to admit that he ever cheated on Daniele.

“No, I never cheated on her, but I should have because she judges me like I did anyway,” he said. “I should have. Where is the video of me having sex with the women? Where is she?”

The entire cast said that they did not believe Yohan, with Wayne bluntly calling Yohan “a piece of s**t.” While Daniele cried and called Yohan a “psychopath”, he continued to attack.

“I wish I could have all the money tomorrow to divorce you and for you to no longer be my wife,” he said.

Daniele said she was filing for divorce and the cast told her to no longer be friends with him, given that she previously admitted Recently having dinner with Yohan and his family.

Meanwhile, Yohan noted, “I know what I did. I don't care who believes me.”


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