'The Voice': Ruby Leigh makes her mark with final performances


ruby leigh has been a fan favorite in The voice Season 24 and made his mark with his final performances!

Supported by the coach Reba McEntireThe 16-year-old singer took the stage Monday to Elvis' “Suspicious Minds” and made her coach proud.

“You've amazed me every time you get on that stage,” Reba praised. “Elvis Presley may have recorded it first, but you turned it into Ruby… You did it like a champ and the professional that you are.”

“You're so extraordinary, I've been a fan since the beginning,” John Legend agreed, praising Ruby's maturity and stage presence. “Your voice has so much weight and maturity that it feels like everything is in bold.”

Later in the show, Ruby performed her ballad selection, “Desperado” by the Eagles, and brought Reba and Gwen Stefani to tears.

“You did a wonderful job,” Reba praised. “You know what you can do and you do it very well. Not many people can do that. That's how it's done!”

Gwen agreed, sharing, “Sometimes you just want to cry on TV… That was so perfect and beautiful, and it's fascinating that you're 16 and can sing like that.”

Ruby has been a fan favorite since the beginning, when showed off his yodeling skills in her blind audition to a country classic, Patsy Montana's “I Wanna Be a Cowboy's Sweetheart.”

She stayed strong with Battle and Knockout Round performances of Dolly Parton's “Jolene” and LeAnn Rimes' “Blue” and cemented her place in the live shows with her emotional Playoff performance of Linda Ronstadt's “Long Long Time.”

“There's no one like Ruby in the competition,” Reba praised after the Playoffs. “She has this really sweet emotional cry in her voice: she breaks my heart. She brings something she's never seen before.” The voice before.”

ET spoke with the coaches on the red carpet ahead of this season's first live show, and they all marveled at the variety of talent they've seen on the show this year.

“The talent this year has been across the board – all of our teams are pretty crazy,” praised Niall. “The voices I have this year are some of the best singers I've ever heard.”

John agreed, saying, “The depth of talent this season is better than I've seen on this show since I've been here.”

“This is my eighth season and I've never seen this level of quality across the board,” he continued. “I'm very impressed with our artists this year.”

“I have some amazing singers, and I think it's going to come down to at this point people start to fall in love with not just the voice, but the person,” Gwen shared. “It's ridiculous this season. I know we say that every season and it always feels that way, but this one has a particularly difficult task.”

“I really couldn't tell you (who might win),” Reba agreed.

The voices Two parts season 24 finale airs Monday, December 18 at 8 pm PT/ET and Tuesday, December 19 at 9 pm PT/ET on NBC.


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