The Voice's Jacquie Roar Talks Collaborations With Reba and Tom Nitti


Jacquie Roar I might not have won season 24 of The voicebut he leaves the competition with some important friendships and an upcoming meeting with his coach, Reba McEntire!

ET's Deidre Behar spoke with the country-rock singer on the red carpet after the epic season finale, where the rocker and father of two hunley was crowned the new champion, and spoke about the bittersweet end to her participation in the NBC singing competition.

“I feel very sad that this is going to end,” Jacquie admitted. “It has been six months of a lot of pressure, but also of many beautiful moments: creating friendships and growing as an artist.”

Jacquie even revealed that Coach Reba invited her to dinner next time she's in Nashville!

“Actually, his old agent contacted me and we've been working on some things,” he shared. “I'm coming out with a record very soon. I'm recording in January, and when Reba found out he was going to Nashville in January he said, 'Well, you're coming then!' “Things are happening.”

The singer called her next project “explosive country rock” and even shared that it could include another one. Voice collaboration – with her friend Tom Nittiwho left season 24 before the Playoffs amid a controversial custody battle with his ex-wife.

“I talked to him today. He was just encouraging me and saying he was so proud of me,” she shared. “Tom and I are good friends. And there will also be music coming out between the two of us… As soon as they let me release it, I'll release it.”

Following a candid post on instagram After leaving the show for “personal reasons,” Tom delved more into what exactly happened in an interview with the Utica Observer Dispatch. He revealed that, during his time on the show, his now ex-wife decided to try to get full custody of her two children.

“It's always been a dream of mine to pursue music full-time, but I can't do it without a cushion,” the law enforcement officer and Purple Heart winner explained. “As a parent, I need to make sure my children are supported.”

The singer has since revealed that he recently wrote a song about the situation called “Redemption Road,” which he hopes to share with his children in the future.

As for his Voice family, the singer praised that “The most positive thing about my experience on the program was the camaraderie I found among other vocalists.”

“The show's producers treat you like gold,” he added. “And Reba is the most genuine person – he's the same on TV as he is in real life.”

The voice returns for season 25 in February 2024.


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