TJ Holmes and Amy Robach Get Relationship Advice in New Podcast


TJ Holmes and Amy Robach We're working on some things!

On Tuesday's episode of his amy and tj podcastThe couple got personal by sharing that they recently had a problem in their relationship that led to them spending a day apart.

“We can tell everyone that there was a night that Robach and I spent apart that can be specifically blamed and attributed to a fight we had,” Holmes shared.

“Yes, we needed space for each other and I think it suited us,” Robach added.

Holmes said the problem was something “small” that he said started to arise and “we let it fester.”

Robach had no problem sharing what the exact problem was: Holmes' sleeping habits.

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“For me and what pushed me over the edge, and we've had this conversation so many times about your sleeping habits,” she shared. “You like to stay on the couch, you like not to go to bed, you started making dinner at midnight and I was frustrated. I was like, 'Can we please go to bed?'”

Robach explained that they had many obligations and were emotionally exhausted, combined with pride, ego and alcohol.

“We literally spent a night apart because of it,” Holmes added.

The fight occurred in the middle of the Christmas season, when they planned to spend time with their families in addition to working together.

Holmes admitted the timing of the disagreement wasn't ideal and left him a little embarrassed.

“My first thought was, 'We've got to make sure we're okay because family is coming to town and we've got to put on a brave face. We've got to get into the studio together and we've got to make sure we're upbeat and make sure we're not implying that something's up.' wrong,'” Holmes admitted.

The couple, whose romance went public in 2022, shared that at first they didn't think they needed relationship counseling. However, after their recent “brawl,” they believed it was time to seek help.

Enter Dr. Jeff Gardere, also known as “America's Psychologist,” who helped them overcome the growing pains of their relationship and the distance Holmes put between them after an argument.

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Robach revealed that after a dispute, Holmes goes into “shutdown mode,” where he shuts her out. Although he does not shout, the first GMA3 The presenter reveals that she always hurts his feelings.

When it was time to reconnect, the couple admitted that they used words of affirmation over text messages.

“We both told each other that we miss each other and love each other,” Robach shared.

Holmes added: “Amy's four favorite words are 'I love you but…' and it's what comes after the 'but' that gets us into trouble.”

Robach got candid when she shared that she would rather Holmes yell at her during times when they disagree, rather than freeze her for a day or two. When Dr. Jeff noted that Holmes' time away is a bit selfish and a bit “passive-aggressive,” Holmes admitted that he feels bad about it and that he is working on it.

“I'll tell you, I have a very bad habit,” Holmes admitted. “I don't let many people in. If you burn me once, I'm done with you and I'll keep people out. But I'm not very forgiving. When I have someone close to me, that's it.” “The person who brought the pain that I'm feeling. This person is not going to leave my life. I understand that. But I'm still dealing with it and dealing with the fact that I was hurt so much, and then I try to go back and receive.” love for the person who hurts me.”

He added: “It's different, I'm a very warm and loving person and when that goes away I'm sure it doesn't feel good.”

“It's horrible, it's so horrible,” Robach added.

“I'm sorry, honey,” Holmes told her.

Dr. Jeff praised Holmes for apologizing and acknowledging that he has something to work on and is willing to change. The professional said that their complex relationship has a strong love even though they both continue to suffer and smile despite everything, and their shared experience with pain can create problems.

“I think a lot of people can relate to those kinds of problems. When you have painful periods in your life, you tend to vent, or you feel that emotional stress, you tend to put it on the person you love the most.” Robach said.

After their conversation, Holmes and Robach said they both felt the surprise session helped their romance.


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