Why Travis Kelce was yelling at the coach in the Super Bowl


Travis Kelce lost control during the Super Bowl and was caught yelling in his coach's face. What gives?

The night did not start well for the Kansas City Chiefs in their fourth championship in 5 years.

But the pressure started to really get to the Chiefs as they moved toward the end of the second half and still hadn't scored.

And then this happened.

Travis Kelce yelling at coach Andy Reid ((Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images))

Travis Kelce caught yelling at coach during Super Bowl

When things started to look bleak heading into halftime, Travis Kelce grabbed head coach Andy Reid on the sideline and yelled in his face.

The reason? It seems Taylor Swift's boyfriend was upset about not being on the field.

The best guess is that Travis took it out on Andy because he wasn't in the game for a crucial play in the red zone.

According to people who understand football much better than I do, Travis was absent from the field when there was a significant fumble, resulting in a Chiefs turnover.

It was a tough first half of the Super Bowl for the Chiefs. ((Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images))

Momentum was lost, morale went down the toilet, and Kelce went straight into his coach's face.

It is evident that tensions are rising.

Taylor Swift is having the time of her life

Meanwhile, in a very expensive box high above the field, Taylor Swift is having a great time.

Her man may be losing, but she's totally winning!

Taylor Swift in her Super Bowl party girl era. ((Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images))

Flanked by her friends Blake Lively and Ice Spice, Taylor has been chatting with Travis' family, dancing to Post Malone and drinking like a CHAMP.


In one more, he downed a beer in one gulp, and it was all caught on camera!

Win or lose for the Chiefs, at least Taylor is making the most of it after flying over 13 hours to be there!

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